Photo Management

Photo management is one task among Personal Information Management.


Libre Photos

Libre photos uses machine learning library to annotate photos. It requires to have a large amount of memory and also 10GB of disk. It needs to be installed using Docker.


Face metadata

You can write the face metadata in photo files Configuration>Configure Digikam>Metadata>Face Tags.

Then, it is possible to extract the metadata values using exiftool, as explained in this post:

exiftool -s -XMP-mwg-rs:all File.jpg


My piwigo instance is available at

Face metadata

There is no support of face metadata, but some plugins like mugshot are supposed to do the job.

Progressive Web Application

I really need that my photo gallery is available offline, and I don't want to organize my photos with synchronization. Piwigo is a very complete online gallery, but the interface is old even with extensions. I didn't find any project to develop a progressive web application for it. And I am still blocked with this issue:, but I found this:

curl -v -d "username=test&password=test"

Api documentation is available here :


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