semantic web browser

Semantic web browser are like Web browser for the semantic web.

Page template for SPARQL answers

In corbySPARQLTemplateTransformation, a SPARQL template for transforming RDF data into another language is presented.

Jekyll RDF

It is a plugin of the static Web page generator Jekyll to enable it using RDF data as source. It works with a RDF file or a SPARQL endpoint.

Demonstration : Repository (still active in 2023) :

SPARQL Web Pages (SWA)

The SPARQL web pages documentation defines a view vocabulary for generating Web pages using SPARQL queries answers. It helps to generate a interactive interface for exploring the data.

There is a clear demonstration on YouTube:


It is both a graphical SPARQL editor and a browser of the answers. It is nicely done, quite natural to use.


SPARQL Template Transformations for RDF (STTL)

Semantic Web Browsers

Browser by Anton Vasetenkov

Very simple and elegant



Lodvlive is a semantic web explorer based on SPARQL.


Fresnel is an ontological language that describe the selection and the render of content in a RDF graph.



The project seems not active since 2007:


The project seems not active since 2009:


A LInked data naviGATOR

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