web embedded data

Web embedded data are contained in Web pages. They can describe the contentn, the author or other properties of the page.


Microformats are based on the attributes class and rel of HTML. The vocabularies of microformats are explained on this wiki page.

Microformats2 replaces and supersedes both classic microformats (sometimes called microformats1), as well as incorporates lessons learned from microdata and rdfa.


h-card starts with an element having class=h-card to say that this element represents a person.


h-entry starts with an element having class=h-entry to say that this element represents a post. The u-in-reply-to property makes the difference between a mention and a reply. Some Webmentions (which uses microformats at the receiver side) have a type like on this example: https://waterpigs.co.uk/notes/5CvLbG/





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